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Many companies need access to a good attorney on a regular basis.  However, most businesses are not able to incur the cost of employing a full-time attorney with sufficient business experience, or simply do not need a full-time attorney working inside the company on a daily basis.  But these companies often need prompt legal advice, often on short notice, from an attorney who knows their business and does not need to “get up to speed” every time a new issue arises.

Bonahoom & Bobilya offers general corporate counsel services to fill this gap that business clients often face. Many of our clients essentially “outsource” their in-house counsel needs by engaging Bonahoom & Bobilya to serve in the role of general counsel.

We consider ourselves a true partner with our business clients and adapt our schedules and methods of communication to match their own.  We also develop creative ways to collaborate with our business clients so they feel like we are “just down the hall” in their offices.

From reviewing and drafting contracts, to handling employment issues, collections, transactions with third parties, mergers and acquisitions, protecting intellectual property, corporate structuring, and litigation, we help clients manage all legal aspects of their business.

At Bonahoom & Bobilya, your business can get the benefit of having experienced and sophisticated corporate counsel any time you need them, without having to incur the cost of hiring a full-time attorney.

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