Estate, Trust Administration, & Probate

At the time an individual dies, there will be an estate administration either inside or outside of probate. Even the most well-planned estates will have an estate (or trust) administration component. There are tax returns to be filed, assets to be inventoried, valued and distributed, creditors to be paid, and distributions to be made.

At Bonahoom & Bobilya we have experienced attorneys and paralegals that understand all the aspects of estate and trust administration. We provide advice and counsel that helps or clients move smoothly through this transition process.  We understand that this is a time of loss and the emotional aspects of estate and trust administrations. Our experience allows us to work closely with the personal representatives and/or trustees and to appropriately guide them through the administration process.

At times, disputes can arise between family members regarding a loved one’s will or about whether an elderly relative needs a guardian. Unfortunately, the elderly are often taken advantage of. We also help families in litigation involving these types of disputes, such as will contests, guardianships, and trust disputes.

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